George Daniel Contact Nymphing Virtual Workshop

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Over the past five to ten years, contact or Euro-style nymphing has made a lot of noise in the world of fly fishing and for good reason: it is VERY effective. However, it can be as confounding and confusing as it is effective because it requires a host of new techniques and alternative rig set-ups to the indicator nymphing or dry fly fishing many of us are more familiar with.

The Deerfield Fly Shop is very proud to present a virtual workshop from perhaps the most preeminent educator in the sport, George Daniel, to help guide you through the ins and outs of contact nymphing, from rods, reels and lines to leader set ups and fly patterns to the techniques you will want to try on the water. See the full outline below for more details about the workshop.

This Zoom-based class will run on Thursday March 24 at 7 pm. The presentation itself will last 90 minutes and George will field all your questions afterwards. Cost is $50. Email or call 413-397-3665 to register. Class space is limited.

George Daniel is the lead instructor at the legendary Penn State University fly fishing program started by George Harvey and run by Joe Humphries for many years. He is a two-time US National Fly Fishing Champion and member of several US teams to compete at the World Championships. He has coached both the men’s and youth national teams. You may recognize him from the cover of the recent Fly Fisherman magazine where, in addition to other publications, he has written numerous articles and he is also the author of three books, including two focused on nymphing. A highly sought after guide and instructor—he is booked solid through 2023—we are lucky to have George teaching a class for us here at the Deerfield Fly Shop.

George Daniel Contact (aka Euro) Nymphing Workshop

Essential Tools

  • Traditional Rods versus European Style Nymphing Rods
  • Line Options (traditional taper, euro line, mono rigs)
  • Sighter/Indicator
  • Leaders (tapered versus level)
  • Patterns
    • Patterns Suggestive versus Imitative
    • Top Euro Nymphs
    • Un-weighted with shot

Contact Nymphing Concepts

  • What contact nymphing is and what contact nymphing isn’t.
  • Ideal tightline conditions versus non-ideal

Essential Rigging

  • Discussion of Leader Design (universal versus condition specific)
  • Single Fly vs. multiple flies
  • Weight Placement (heaviest fly placement, split shot, putty)

Three Presentation Types (Where/When)

  • Drifting:
  • Dredging
  • Swinging

Four Principals of Casting and Presenting Nymphs

  • Square
  • Flip/Cast
  • Lead/Swing Out Flies (180* to target)
  • Square to Target and Repeat

Reading The Drift (Too Much Slack, Too Much Drag, Natural Drift)

Concept of Two Speeds

Setting The Hook

Developing Contact Approach for Various Water Types/Scenarios (targets, rigging, casting, and presenting)

  • Riffle
  • Run
  • Pool
  • Pocket Water
  • Skinny Flats
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