Whatever your freshwater flyfishing pleasure, that itch can be scratched out here in Western Massachusetts.

Within an hour of our shop door…

You could be standing in a remote stream flipping Royal Wullfs to eager brook trout, in the big, Western-like tailwater of the Deerfield River or casting to wild brown trout the size of which you usually only see in magazines.

You could find yourself in one of the our medium-sized classical freestone rivers like the Millers—where Ted Williams used to fish– or the Westfield, where mountain waters tumble crystal clear through towering gorges.

Of course there’s also the Swift River, one of Massachusetts most popular fly fishing destinations where the water is clear and the trout have been known to swim through your legs.

Or you can be knee deep in the muck casting to bass in a small pond or lake, or on the Connecticut River fishing for almost any freshwater fish that swims in the east, from bass and trout to pike, carp, even bowfin and striped bass.

The Deerfield River

The Deerfield River is our home river. It is the absolute gem of western Massachusetts and ranks among the best trout streams in the Northeast. From its headwaters in southern Vermont down 70-plus miles to its confluence with the Connecticut River, the Deerfield River offers stretch after stretch of high-quality trout water. Pocket water, riffles, deep pools, slick runs—the Deerfield has every type of classic trout fly fishing water. There are many places where access is easy, and many places where it is not—you can find convenience or solitude.

Throughout it all, rainbow, brown and brook trout abound. While the state of Massachusetts stocks fish liberally throughout the length of the river, there is also a significant amount of natural reproduction of wild browns, brookies and bows. Most fish are in the 14 to 16 inch range but fish much larger, including browns to ten pounds, are taken throughout the year.

The Deerfield sees solid hatches of mayflies, caddis and stoneflies spring through fall. Midges are around all year. The terrestrial fishing is fantastic, especially from July through September. The Deerfield River Watershed Trout Unlimited has a great hatch chart here. And don’t leave your streamer box at home—streamer fishing can be lights out on the big D! Visit us at the shop for specific fly recommendations based on the time of year.