Spey Casting Clinic August 27

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Deerfield Fly Shop’s Introduction to Spey Casting with Eric Halloran and Jim Dowd

Spey casting is an ancient way to cast a fly that has seen a huge resurgence in popularity in recent years. While it has historically been used by salmon and steelhead anglers and is quite effective for that, it is also an extremely useful technique for trout fishing. This is especially true on a river like the Deerfield that is hard to wade during high flows and has steep, tree lined banks that are not welcoming to back casts!

Here’s an opportunity to learn the basics of this beautiful, and highly effective, way to cast a fly. This on-the-water class is a very basic introduction to Spey casting. Eric and Jim will take you through the fundamental principles of how Spey casting works and how to safely choose casts depending on wind direction and your position on the river. They will then demonstrate a few different casts with some time at the end for you to try these casts under their guidance. From the roll cast to the switch cast to the Single Spey, Double Spey, Snap T and more, Eric and Jim will give you a solid start to your Spey journey!

Cost for the session is $60 per person. The class will last about two hours.

Class is Saturday, August 27, 2022. Meet at the Deerfield Fly Shop, 8A Elm St, South Deerfield, at 10 a.m. and head to the river from there. Bring your wading gear, sunglasses, sunblock and appropriate clothing. We will provide two-handed rods but bring yours if you have it. You can also bring a five or six weight to learn single hand Spey techniques.

Pre-registration is required, either call the shop at 413-397-3665 or email [email protected].

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