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The endless waters surrounding Charleston, SC, are teeming with redfish. In the fall, these hard fighting fish come into the shallow marshes on the flood tides–those occasional high tides that are higher than average–where they can be found tailing for the shrimp and crabs knocked off their safe perch among the reeds by the advancing tide. Some of the flats the fish come into are only covered in water a couple times a month, yet the slowly cruising redfish seek these areas out and casually tail their way through the spartina grass in search of their next meal. This is a truly magical time of year in an amazing fishery.

We have secured some of the best guides in the area for three days of targeting these redfish during prime flood tides on October 11 to 13. Each day, we will be two anglers and one guide per boat as we center our trips around the peak of the morning high tide when these tailing fish are most visible and most susceptible to a well presented fly. We will have some off-tide fishing that can also be terrific as well as reds like to come up into skinny water at lower tides.

Redfish are powerful fish. Most fish are in the three to ten pound range but we will have shots at larger fish as well. Because they are up in skinny water and face constant danger from predators like dolphins in addition to anglers, these fish can be very cautious and demand a stealthy approach and delicate cast. Flies are generally moderately weighted crab and shrimp patterns that can be cast effectively on six to eight weight rods. When hooked, redfish are some of the strongest fighting fish, pound for pound–more than enough sport on an eight weight.

When we are not on the flats looking for tails, we will be staying in an Air B and B near all our launch points. We will also be a short Uber ride to downtown Charleston, which is a thriving city with great restaurants, shopping and nightlife, not to mention all the history (the first shots of the Civil War were fired in Charleston Harbor) and natural beauty of the area.

Cost for this hosted trip is $2100 per angler and includes three days of guided flats boat fishing, tip for the fishing guides, three nights lodging, some local transportation, and communally prepared breakfasts and lunches for the three days of fishing. Airfare to Charleston, dinners and beverages are not included.

For more on flood tide redfishing, check out this great primer on Gink and Gasoline.

Please call the shop at 413-397-3665 or email [email protected] for more information or with any questions.

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