Next Level Bass Flies with Jay Aylward

It’s just past sunset and the water has turned to glass. The only sounds are the leopard frogs and your popper making its way across the surface along the edge of a weed bed. You hear the crack of a pop top behind you, signaling that you have approximately 12 ounces and counting left on your turn in the casters seat. You scan the horizon and you think you see a wake near a clump of grass. Your fly hits the water with a SPLAT! You pause and let the fly sit there as the rings dissipate. You give the fly one POP! Followed by a pause. GULP! Is what you hear as you watch your fly disappear….

Bass fly guide and tyer Jay Aylward is teaching a foam head bass class through the Deerfield Fly Shop on Tuesday, March 30th at 7 pm. Be the envy of your friends by learning the tricks to making and fishing bass flies that fool mega bass. This is an online class and we will be using surface seducer popper heads. In addition, we will cover a Swingin’ D style fly that Jay uses with a sinking line to fool both largemouth and smallmouth bass. 

This class will be on Zoom and space is limited to six students. Class will be appropriately 3 hours of instruction. $35 for the class. Material kits are available through the shop for $50. These kits include enough materials to tie several flies as well as helping you build your bass fly material library. Contact to reserve your spot now—this class is limited to six and will fill quickly! You can either pick up the material kits in the shop or if you act soon, we can get them in the mail so you have them by class time.